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Mal McDonald,or Mally. :3
United States
HEETAALIIAA!! It's Pasta time, beotches. xD
Hello! I'm a random nerd. Don't mind me. Here are some of my favorite things. Not the best at communication so maybe this will be easier to understand. Hehe.
Name: Mally Wolf
Age: ...classified.
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: I'm open for both teams.
Religion: Christian.
Species: Gray Wolf/Slight dragon that show's when she is angry--Mainly an Anthro wolf
Eye Color: Icy blue. Red and yellow when mad.
Markings and Scars: A slight scar beside her left eye which is normally covered with her hair.
Hair color: Very dark brown with a red streak on the left side.
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 180-ish
Basic Appearance: Mally is a tall wolf with a muscular figure. Curves and all. She has a fluffy pelt that is a medium brown with some grey. Her underside is a dark cream,this includes under her muzzle and sides of it. She has three ear piercings. Two rings and one average. Her tail has a leather strap on it with a bell. The tip of her tail is black. She has a black spiked collar and a necklace with a cross,a heart that says"mom" and a key all hooked into one necklace. The cross is in the middle.
Personality: Very kind. She is quite eccentric. Crazy to some. Mally is a "give-or-take" kind of lass. She is shy around new friends. Mally also has a very confident side that shows quite often in awkward situations.
Likes: Music,the ones she is close to,food,cold weather,snow,feeling whole,nerdy stuff,metal music,family,love
Dislikes: pop music(most),rap music,divas,stuck up people,people in general,lying
Fears: Loosing her loved ones,clowns,monkeys,heights,the vet,girly girls
Mate: None,forever alone.
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
D.O.B: May 14th


Band: Dragonforce,Edguy,Sonata Arctica,Avantasia,Dio (Ronnie James! Woop woop!),Bon Jovi,AC/DC,Journey,Queen,Black Sabbath,Nightwish,Evanescence,Guns n' Roses,Slash,Axl Rose,Three Days Grace,Nirvana,Metallica,Tobias Sammet,Tony Kakko,The Beatles,My neighbor Boedi's guitar playing xD

Musical Genre: Metal,Rock,Classic Rock,Older country,Classical,80s music

Color: Blood red,green,black..,steel grey

Season: Winter or Early Spring. Maybe Autumn,but it makes me sad sometimes.

Food: MEATY MEAT> Pie?

Animal: Wolfi! I love my kind! Akita. Some cats (Luff my Snow Leopard buddy Lokki). Dogs ( Luff my Border Collie buddy Boedi & My wee Shih-Tzu Sheva)

Many,but my secondary OC is Starr the Akita. She is much like Mally.

Huggles love xxx

~Mally- The Scottish Wolf in North Carolina
Awrite. I've found a library right up the street. Probably will be on more. I'm writing a book though, so things will be a wee bit slow. <3
It's set in the 1500s in Scotland. A lassie named Macie loves war and to fight. Her sister Heather gets kidnapped one day, so she leads an army to get her and a few other kidnapped Scots back. Macie promised herself to never fall in love, to keep her brains and battle. But an old friend, Keir MacKinnon, happens to come back from the Highlands one day. Macie's mind is scattered. An inner battle between love and war. Will she be able to balance them? Or will she totally forget about Keir? We shall find out when I'm not being a lazy-arse and I finish writing it. XD
Bai~ Love chus~
  • Mood: Noble
  • Listening to: Metal stoof~
  • Reading: Tis'
  • Watching: Tis'
  • Playing: With legos XD
  • Eating: Haggis
  • Drinking: BLOOOOD

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